Ian Shirley

"Surely you can't be serious..."

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As a newly minted Full Stack Developer; I'm looking to apply my skills in this exciting industry.


JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Express, HTML5/CSS3, C#/ASP.NET, Bootstrap, Git, Handlebars.js, React.js, Responsive design, API/JSON, RESTful API, Firebase, MySQL, Ajax


Ian is a fun socialable guy that works well in a team setting. As a co-host of the What's Good, Houston?! Podcast, Ian has experience working as part of a group and meeting deadlines.


Ian Shirley comes from an extensive background in Oil and Gas, and IT. He worked as a geophysicist and IT technician with a total of 10 years of professional experience.


  • Portfolio item

    What's Good, Houston?! Podcast

    HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript,Soundcloud API, Twitter API, Heroku
    Web App | GitHub

  • Portfolio item

    Train Scheduler

    HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Moment.js, jQuery, Firebase, Heroku
    Web App | GitHub

  • Portfolio item

    Nomz App

    Firebase, Node.js,Express, Edamam API, Google Maps API, Google Authentication Method, jQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Github, Trello, Heroku, SCRUM, CSS3, HTML5
    Web App | GitHub

  • Portfolio item

    Letter Game

    HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Heroku
    Web App | GitHub

  • Portfolio item

    NYT Search ReactJS App

    ReactJS, MongoDB, Node, Express, Heroku
    Web App | GitHub

  • Portfolio item

    Bamazon CLI

    MySQL, CLI-Table, Inquierer, JavaScript

  • Portfolio item

    Burger App

    HTML5, CSS3, Handlebars.js, JavaScript, MySQL, Node, Express
    Web App | GitHub

  • Portfolio item

    Hack City

    HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, Sequelize, Node, Express, SASS, Calendar.io, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Google Firebase, Heroku, Trello, SCRUM, Agile
    Web App | GitHub

  • Portfolio item


    Group Project 3 using React-Native, Facebook Android SDK, Heroku, Trello, SCRUM, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Laravel, Node
    GitHub React-Native | GitHub PHP

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